A journey down the rabbit hole of resources and options

The current situation business owners are facing with COVID 19 is extremely stressful. Many businesses are closed or closing for the duration of their areas social distancing response. Employees and self employed are worried how they will cover their bills for the near future and beyond. Those confined home are struggling to get work done or keep themselves focused. Wow that is depressing and scary.

The good news.

There are resources out there for businesses to maintain and to support the workforce during the quarantine enforced shutdown. Changes companies are quickly implementing are working; remote work, remote classes, electronic communication for invoicing and payments. Many companies and organizations are providing classes or virtual social gatherings to help maintain or build community connections.

Find what you need.

Stay up to date on COVID-19 and the response in your area.

Explore resources for supporting your company and staff. Resources are available and more are in discussion and development.

Make the best use of your time

Use these resources to find your focus, or support. If you need help navigating these rabbit holes, contact Two Rivers for guidance.