Programs Available

We offer a variety of program topics to support the economic growth of Native communities at both the Native government and business level. We are able to tailored our program and presentation to your needs beyond the topics listed below.


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Economic Development

This program will focus on the entire spectrum of tribal operations to evaluate how each element contributes to the economic viability of the tribal community.  We will cover economic development from the standpoint of the following tribal assets: political structure, geographical, cultural, natural resources, human resources, internal programs (both governmental and commercial), and financial assets.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Explore the unique ability of tribes to leverage many aspects of a sovereign nation to include its status as a sovereign nation
  • Information on leveraging existing resources, man-power and relationships to create long term, sustainable revenue streams

This presentation is designed for: tribal council, economic development directors, enterprise managers, and other senior staff.

Effective Board Operations

Explore the dynamics of group interactions.  Learn hot-button issues and how to diffuse tense situations, examine the requirements for selection to a board, understand the roles, responsibilities and limits.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the group
  • Conduct a self-evaluation to gauge personal effectiveness
  • Encourage cooperative interactions

This presentation is designed for: Tribal Councils, Gaming  Boards, Housing Boards, TERO Board, Enterprise Boards, Managers of the boards, and HR managers.

Strategic Planning

This program will examine the philosophy and use of a strategic plan.  We’ll study the various elements and how they intersect other aspects of an on-going plan. We will specifically be looking at short term (1-3 years), long term (5-10 years), dynamic reviews, and implementation.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Attendees will understand the overall value of a written plan
  • Whose responsibility it is to follow the plan
  • Understand how plans evolve and can be the basis for stability

This presentation is designed for: tribal leaders (Council and senior staff) as well as department managers.

Is the Government Your Next Client?

This program will cover the basics of government contracting, procurement procedures, registrations, certifications, and Native business programs.

Expected outcomes:

  • Understanding of the procurement process
  • Understanding the factors to a go/ no go decision
  • Understanding the use of and differences between different business certifications
  • How to find opportunities and market research
  • Why, where, and how to register as a federal contractor
  • Identifying other business resources
  • Bidding tips from Contracting Officers

This presentation is designed for: Small business owners and staff, tribal council, economic development directors, enterprise managers, and other senior staff.

Marketing to Government Agencies and Prime Contractors

This program will cover how to promote your business to government agencies and prime contractors.

Expected Outcomes:

  • How to find and identify business North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes
  • Sources of market research
  • System for Award Management (SAM) and the Dynamic Small Business Search registration and profiles
  • How to develop elevator pitch, capability statements, business cards, etc
  • Use of social media and websites
  • Understanding the roles of Small Business Liaison Officers

This presentation is designed for: Small business owners and staff, enterprise managers

Finding Government Data & Opportunities

This program will cover the basics of market research for government contracting. It will focus on the importance of data and how to utilize it to improve your companies position and make strategic decisions for your company. Leave with the tools you need to research for your company now and in the future.

Expected outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of research
  • Learn what data is available
  • Learn where to find data
  • Understand the benefit of forecasts
  • Be able to form a Contact list

This presentation is designed for: Small business owners and staff, enterprise managers