Email notifications of saved searches is now available on!

Both side of users, vendors and government, have been frustrated by the retirement of and the transition to as the authoritative source for federal contract opportunities. Change can be difficult, and the new learning curve has been a challenge. Keep you heads high, new changes have returned a beloved feature from FBO to the new system. Email notifications!

Logged in users can now select to be notified if their saved searches produce new opportunities. Notifications of search results are sent daily at 9 pm Eastern Time. You may need to adjust your view to see the latest listings by sorting the results to “last updated date”.

Additional changes included in the January 10th release can be found here.

To stay in the know about changes and improvements coming to, follow the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) Industry Community on GSA Interact: There are training opportunities, discussions and guidance as well.

Please remember that the development of the Integrated Award Environment (merging 10 sites to 1) is an Agile development. This means that there will be ongoing changes with each update and release. Make Your Needs Known! Provide Feedback is an option on every page (almost) of Use it to let the developers know about problems in the system and improvements you would like to see.

Please use the is you have technical issues with your or Beta.Sam.Gov accounts.

Please contact us at Info@TwoRiversCDC.Org for you government contracting support needs.

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